Focus lost when editing tags from My Tasks view using keyboard shortcuts

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
For my workflow, I use tags to help me organized, and show them in the My Tasks view using “Customize”. I can edit the tags for a task using Tab-T, and then close out of the edit with Tab-T again or escape, but either way I am unable to continue doing anything without clicking on a task (all keyboard shortcuts stop working, and the task does not seem selected).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add tags to your My Tasks view using Customize
  2. Select a task (and close detail view if it comes up; this issue is specific to the top level navigation view).
  3. Click Tab-T. Add a tag. Click esc to close.
  4. No keyboard shortcuts or interactions of any kind work until a task is clicked with mouse. Focus seems to have been lost.

Browser version:
Chrome Version 88.0.4324.146

Upload screenshots below:

Thanks for the report @Jack_Sisson!

@Phil_Seeman, @Jerod_Hillard, @lpb are you able to reproduce this? I’ve already migrated to the new My tasks, so I can’t reproduce!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@Marie_OoO I did confirm this behavior. As best as I can tell, after you make a change to one of the fields (Due date, Projects or Tags) then as soon as you attempt to make another change (which you can complete) then the cursor is no longer selecting an object on this task line. Thus, you lose the ability to navigate via keyboard or initiate a keyboard shortcut that would apply to a task.

I am not sure how helpful this is but HERE is a screen recording of the behavior. Any time you see a pause followed by me selecting a task to open/collapse the task detail, those are points where I can no longer do anything by keyboard or shortcut. :wink:

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Thanks for running this test @Jerod_Hillard :pray:t3:

Out of curiosity, before hitting escape or "Tab+T to move away from the Tag field, are you able to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate from the tag field back to the task title field? Can you take actions with shortcuts after that?

Yes! That seems to be the very specific action that needs to happen to continue to modify fields. Essentially arrow away from the field once your change is complete (rather than press esc or use a shortcut)

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Jerod - unfortunately that’s not working for me, but maybe I’m doing something differently.

If have a task selected, then hit Cmd+T, it brings up a text field over my tags column. No matter what I do in there (type a new thing, type a few letters and select and existing tag, type nothing), the arrow keys let me get out of focus and dismiss that text field, but I’m still in the no-keyboard-shortcuts-working state. Am I missing something?


@Jack_Sisson this is one that is really difficult to troubleshoot. I’d almost recommend a Zoom or Teams connection to troubleshoot live. Happy to do so if you want to PM me.

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After using the left arrow key to move back to the task title, what happens when you click Enter.

Could you also confirm what browser you’re using? Is this happening with another browser?

@Marie_OoO sorry for the delay. If I left-arrow back to the task title, Enter doesn’t do anything. If I arrow up and down from there, it moves the scroll bar around. There is no way for me to select a task again with out the mouse. This happens in both Chrome (Version 88.0.4324.146) and Safari.

@Jerod_Hillard I’m happy to Zoom if that’s helpful. I’m not sure how to DM on here, so if you could DM me to set it up I’d appreciate it!