Bug? Help? Subtasks are getting bumped to "No Project"



I’m using Asana in concert with Instagantt. This new problem just started showing up.

I noticed that many Project X subtasks were showing up in the No Project section of My Tasks in Asana. I dragged and dropped them back into Project X, where they were originally, but when I do, they are bumped out of their parent task in Instagantt. When I use Instagantt to place the subtasks back inside their parent, they get bumped back in to No Project in Asana.

Any ideas?



Ryan - I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a way to resolve?




@danielguajardok have you seen this happen - any ideas? This sounds to me like a strange Asana business logic thing that might be an edge case we have to work out as it gets translated to Instagantt. Perhaps related to our somewhat odd task parenting + project multi-homing behavior in Asana (i.e. tasks can only be subtasks of a single task, but can separately be placed in one or more projects, even if that’s one of the same projects as their parent task is in)


Thanks for looping me in @Matt_Bramlage!

That’s exactly the issue.

Let’s say we have a project (Project A) with Task 1, Task 2, and Task 3, and Task 1 has 3 subtasks.

In Asana, it will look like:

Project A

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3

In Instagantt, it will look like:

Project A

  • Task 1
    • Subtask 1
    • Subtask 2
    • Subtask 3
  • Task 2
  • Task 3

As you said, In Asana, subtasks does not inherit their parent task project(s), so they don’t show on the main project list. When people want to make them appear on the main Asana project list, they force those subtasks to be part of the project. When that happen, we read them from the API as “regular tasks” instead of as subtasks. That’s a decision from our side (not a technical issue). So when the subtasks have been manually added to the project, they don’t show indented in Instagantt anymore.

And when in Instagantt you want to make them a “subtask” again, we remove the project.

It’s a business logic hard to make compatible between the both apps… we can definitely work to find something :slight_smile:


We continue to have the same problem. Our organization within a project has become a mess because employees are pulling sub-tasks out of the task into the main project and it has caused confusion. We need the sub-task to inherit the main task/project information.


Totally agree on this. When I contacted support, I was told that I could add the subtasks to the project the same way that tasks are added to a project now - HOWEVER, by doing that, my subtasks are being listed under the main task, as well as in the project itself. Very frustrating.

An additional issue we have is that when looking at “My Tasks,” the project isn’t listed for subtasks the way it is for main tasks. When you’re an agency, knowing which project (or in our case, client) a task is for is vital for planning out your day. We’re having to create separate tags to indicate which client / project the task is assigned to so we don’t have to click into each subtask when prioritizing our days.


I’m having this problem too - subtasks are shown under the “No Project” section. Has anyone found a fix or workaround?