Bring back the previous print layout of tasks

Please bring back the previous print / PDF format where by the task, its custom fields, subtasks and info in its description is visible.

I do not need to unhide custom fields from task pane everytime I need to print.

The new behaviour makes the print mopre of screen shot than. a full print of the entire task.



Yes please we need the original format to print from. This is such a stupid new way this was done. I just dont understand why they did it.

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I am also extremely frustrated. It already sucked that we couldn’t print from mobile, and now even my desktop print layout has changed to this terrible format. We print checklists daily and depend on them. Now these are utter garbage and can’t be used. Please IMPROVE and add features instead of making existing core functions worse!

Yes, we need the old print format

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New print functions looks like like a browser print, and no longer the clean print with all subtasks and descriptions visible. Also prefer the previous layout!

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I have to agree with everyone here as well. Can we get an Asana representative to comment why you decided to change the way this works. Until you can make us understand, our perception of your requirements team will be … not very good.

Yes! I used this feature every single day and I’ve been scrambling trying to fix my workflow again. :sleepy:

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This has also disrupted the workflow for my workplace. This print feature is integral in how we do business.

Is the any feedback about what asana is planning to do??

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I second each and everyone above, task printing is ultimately required.

Can we at least have a reply if this is being considered or a work around is available.


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