Bring back the paste image from clipboard as attachemtn feature

Until today, when you pasted an image from the clipboard it was added as an attachment and now it is embedded inside the message. This is horrible for the workflow.


Agree! Although it seems it is still possible to paste in as an attachment depending on where you click but I haven’t found a consistent method to get it as an attachment yet with doing ctrl+v with a screenshot.

Totally agree! Please return it to the way it was before.
It is extremely annoying to have either huge embedded images, or having to save and then attach images with the “attach” button instead of just dropping them in with ctrl+v

Yes, please! Now I need to download every screenshot for every task to zoom in if I need to see the details. Adding about 3 clicks and 2 minutes per task. It’s painful.

Please make this a configuration option. I’ve voted for this task–everyone else who agrees, please do the same.

Agreed, this is a very frustrating update as things have worked seamlessly for some time. Now within the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to download the images I’ve uploaded to view them full screen.
Furthermore, in-line attachments are a nice feature, but we should be able to click on them to expand them to their full screen view.


I have found a way to do it which seems to be consistent.

Click plus (Insert an object) → select “Other Media” at the very bottom, when the Embed media is open and you have a copied picture in your clipboard, then press CTRL+V and it will paste it as an attachment.