Bring back advanced search for Today, Upcoming, Later

Can you please bring back search by Today, Upcoming, Later? I used to use this all the time. Why is Asana removing features rather than adding them ! :rage:

Because Today-Upcoming-Later are going away very soon, with My Tasks becoming a regular project.

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman . It’s a shame I always thought this was quite a unique feature. Interested to see how the new ‘project’ view is implemented. I’ll reserve judgement for now !

We’ll see soon. And @Phil_Seeman already have something ready to replace the task auto-promotion that came with My Tasks.


I would say it as “more like a regular project” :wink:. I think there will be some differences (as @Bastien_Siebman and I have discussed both publicly and privately…) - but we’ll see!

Ah awesome, I was about to suggest a new feature to be able to search by today/upcoming/later. Hoping that will reappear with the re-implementation. :grinning:

Not really because the concept of Today-Upcoming-Later will completely disappear from my understanding.

Wont Today/Upcoming/Later just be sections in said project? Advanced search already allows you to search by section.

Maybe they will but from my understanding, each user will be able to customize so you won’t find them into everyone’s My Tasks