Grouping My Tasks by Today/Upcoming/Later then by Project

The prior version of My Tasks automatically grouped the Today, Upcoming and Later sections by project. With this new version of My Tasks, this doesn’t appear possible. For someone with many tasks across many projects, this deprecated functionality seriously limits the utility of My Tasks. Adding this functionality back would be a big productivity boost.

Hey @Eric_K -in reference to this I thought I’d let you know how I plan to be using asana as I grow it out in my organisation.

I personally see asana’s strengths within overall company wide transparency and delegation about ongoing projects and ultimately how they all map together and how everyone’s work connects including mapping out workflows and a - beyond that I think there are other apps that are better for communication / document management / data management and it will take a long time for asana to compete, if it ever will on such things when you look at the functionality of teams / outlook / sharepioint.

Leading on from that when it comes to personal task management I think it also lacks and as a result I am currently using an integration to sync my tasks with Todoist - another option is using Zapier to sync the tasks with Omnifocus. It’s really simple to set up and you can modify the settings to your liking. Just a thought on what you mentioned about productivity and handling personal tasks.

By the way , pleexy works very well to sync asana with todoist

Hi @Eric_K, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

Whie we don’t plan on making this change to My Tasks at this time, I’ll keep you posted if anything changes :slight_smile:

Hi Eric

I couldn’t agree more. This has significantly downgraded the ease of use of Asana, particularly in the Later section where I have a large number of tasks from a range of different projects. I’m slightly stunned that this has not caused an outcry from a large number of users so I can only assume that either there are not many people using that feature in Asana or alternatively they have just switched to another task management system.

thanks @adam_finn for your thoughts the workarounds! was hoping for something native to asana, although unfortunately it doesn’t look like asana is investing in this functionality - quite the opposite given that this feature was previously available…

that would be great. this specific request (and more generally multi-layer sorting across the platform) appears to be a common user request.

there has been a new update this week whereby tab+1 tab+2 etc moves tasks to the sections in the my task page - so set up the sections you would like and that allows you to quickly move them between the sections - I know that is not what you were looking for but I thought I should mention - I agree that it would be of benefit for asana to grow the individual task management area too

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I’ve also done a workaround whereby I add a tag of ‘Later’ to all tasks that are in ‘Later’. I can then call them up in a saved report in the Search section and using the shortcut mentioned by Adam F above it is reasonably easy to work through them. Definitely not as good as it was but not too bad. Thanks for pointing that out Adam F

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PS. Missed one action in the above - the report is sorted by project