Board view for Portfolios

It would be REALLY helpful if you could also create a board view for portfolios to organize and visualize all our work. We use boards for everything else… and it is nice that you now have them in projects, but we REALLY need them to organize projects and workstreams not just tasks to manage the program on a macro level. Switching from where we were to Asana has been a good move overall and we’ve added some discipline and functionality, but we REALLY miss being able to manage the program level with the board model. YOU NEED THIS BADLY.


I agree with @ronald.elkins ! I work on a number of very complex clients who are running on a Project, Program, and Portfolio Level - and the macro view would be extremely helpful in understanding overall status and workload currently ‘in flight’!

Great suggestion!!!

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This would be the best as we run a separate project to just have this.

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Ditto - we are looking for an aggregate way to view the status of projects in a portfolio in a simple, visual way. The timeline feature is cool, but we’d like the status to be the method of organization vs. the timeline.

Just chiming in to say that I agree! It would be extremely helpful and I think we’re gonna have to manually update a different project just to have that view.

Hi. are you able to automate this in any way or are you having to manually link all tasks to the reporting project?

Another here - this is the first feature I have looked for since trialling Portfolios. Seems essential to have a macro view of a portfolio. Too much in Asana seems to have a micro approach

Manually link. Due to this we have since stopped this. We were going to don’t for email automation based on stage but just doing that manually now as well.