Board View Customization in My Tasks

In My Tasks - Board view, there should be additional customization possible to have 1 column for each project, and then to sort by due date. This would allow much better ease of access for the full picture of the organizations projects and what’s due soon.

@Evan_Shear you can set this up if you want to. Just create the sections for each project and move the tasks to the appropriate one.

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However you can’t have the columns be created automatically based on the projects.

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Yes, this is what I was referring to. It would be very nice to have this, as we have hundreds of tasks and doing this manually would be very time consuming and not worthwhile.

The feature exists in List view, and in that specific case I don’t the value of the Board view :slight_smile:

True throughout Asana. The bigger issue would be having tasks auto populate into the correct section as currently My Tasks can’t trigger on CFs in the tasks. Also, no way to Action items to a column in My Tasks via a rule within a project.

So manually or 3rd party options are it.

Hey, i am new here thanks for the tips this will help a lot keep supporting.

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