Board Meetings on ALL Project/Team Calendars



We are a local government agency driven by our Board meeting schedules for the actual meeting dates and the backup due dates. Is there any way to add Board meetings to all project calendars and our team calendars without having to create a set of tasks for every project? We have Board meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month and it would be very helpful to see the Board meeting dates on every project/team calendar. Additionally, due to holidays some times we need to move Board meetings so these dates need to be flexible in the event of a holiday. Thank you!


Hi @savannahrucker ! Have you tried adding tasks to multiple projects? When you do that, you’ll be able to see these tasks on different project calendars without having to create a new set of tasks. Take a look at my example scenario below.

I have created an example list of tasks, including Board Meetings 1 and 2, that live in multiple projects. I add the Board Meeting tasks to multiple projects, so they appear on the calendars for those projects. If I need to change the date for a Board meeting (or any of these tasks), all I do is change the date within one of the tasks and the date change appears in all projects to which that task belongs.

I recommend that you double check within the task that it belongs to all projects it should. After you do that, you can edit the task description, date, subtasks, etc. freely and the changes will appear in corresponding projects.

Please follow up with any questions :smile:


I was going to recommend this - great solution! :smile: