Block Domain Users from Inadvertently Creating New [PAID] Accounts

I’m not seeing a corresponding Product Feedback article (with the ability to vote) for the linked request/feedback below. If it exists, can one of the admins merge this post for me so that I can vote? :innocent: If it doesn’t exist, can the old post be merged into this one so that the longevity of the feedback and comment history is maintained?

All feedback on the link below still rings true and is a pain-in-the-booty for us Admins. In fact, I have to have a recurring reminder to sweep the “new users” list to ensure that I catch any rouge paid accounts that have been inadvertently created.

Please and thank you!

Of course, moderators would merge into an existing thread.

When you say “new paid accounts”, you mean prevent users from joining a paid organisation and increasing the number of paid seats?

If this is indeed the problem, I don’t believe there is a solution.
I don’t work for Asana, I don’t have any insights, but to be honest I don’t imagine them wanting to fix the issue: having more people joining is a great reason to upgrade your account…
If you are on a yearly subscription, you have time to adjust, the problem does arise with a monthly subscription I agree.

Correct - increasing the number of paid seats.

… and yep, I believe your guestimation as to why they won’t resolve this issue is pretty accurate. Sad, and problematic for admins, but likely true. :pleading_face: