Block domain user from adding their own account


Is there a way to stop user in our domain from being able to just add themselves Asana accounts? I would like users to request or be given the access from an admin and not be able to just set it up on their own.


Same issue here, meaning that people just like Asana and always put new stuff in, but it is difficult for the admin to manage the account. @Marie can you let us know if we do have an option to have them request before adding new people to the organization?

In the meantime, @Keith_Piccininno, on our side, we have issued our Asana Convention to guide people with the do’s and don’ts, but is it still based on their good faith :slight_smile:


Hi @Sebastien_Levesque and @Keith_Piccininno. At the Organisation level, that’s not possible, everyone sharing your domain will automatically be able to join your Organisation in Asana; I don’t believe we’ve planned to change this in the near future. However, you can restrict access at the Team or Project level. You can for example set your Team to “Request to Join” ( or can retsrict your project visibility to “Project Members only”

Hope this helps!