Bitskout: no-code A.I. superpowers for your projects


I am Ilia from Bitskout (
We’ve built a software platform which allows project leaders and and individuals add no-code A.I. to their projects to automate things and increase productivity.

Bitskout works on top of Asana - once user marks a task complete, the workflow is executed on this task, checking according to your defined logic the attachment and if it passes, then the task is kept as competed, in other case - it is marked as not complete - check how it works in Asana.

Each successfully executed workflow results in a token released to the user who was the task assignee allowing you to build various reward and points scheme to motivate your employees or build contractor points profiles.

Potential use cases feature automation at several steps:

  • check the text sentiment to move draft article/PR to different groups for review
  • check image vs previous image to document equipment state
  • check automatically assess home damages to route to appropriate board for analysis
  • check that design templates have all the necessary buttons and text
  • check “before/after” picture to validates someones physical work (including location check)
    and etc.

Here are some Asana demos:

The platform is now live, and has 30 days trial activated. We charge for one workflow run, the plans are with monthly fees with limits. For all Asana certified pro-s and potential partners we have collaboration offers.

Feel free to leave your feedback here or using the chat inside the platform.

You can see more videos in our Youtube channel or just sign up and try it yourself.

Thanks a lot,

P.S. If you think it makes sense to run a small webinar on “AI 101 for projects”, please tell us.


Very interesting, @iliaZelenkin!

As Flowsana’s author, I was especially interested in the Document Routing with Asana Rules, Flowsana and Bitskout demo :slight_smile: , but YouTube says it’s marked private and unavailable.

Hey @Phil_Seeman,

That was my bad, I’ve changed it to Public. Flowsana is a really useful tool.


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Thanks, @iliaZelenkin - just watched it.

A very cool combination of Flowsana rules, Asana rules, and your A.I. solution!

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Looks great! Will definitely play around with the tool and see how to use it.

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Thanks for sharing @iliaZelenkin! :star:

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Hello! Some updates from our side.

First of all, Bitskout is now approved by Asana as an official integration. :clinking_glasses: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

We are also creating new use cases that can demonstrate how A.I. can help automate tasks and uncover new things. The recent example is for property management where a combination of Bitskout Image Recognition, Asana, and Flowsana allows property owners to do remote inspections in asynchronous mode:



And the video for inspection automation.

Hi there!

Happy Friday and here is some new functionality that we’ve released that allows to extract data from different document types. It is called a Data Extract and you basically load a template or an example, select the areas from which you want to extract data and choose the fields in Asana task where you want this data to appear. Here is the video!