Bigger Sidebar or Ability to open a wide view

Thank you, Ian! This is AMAZING and is going to make a lot of people in my org very happy! Kudos!!! :beers:

How about for the desktop app?
I mean the functionality is clearly there because you can do it with the Dev Tools (click and drag the divider).
I’m surprised that this is not built in. Any advice or updates on this?


This used to be the perfect solution - But as of today this code no longer works for me. Does it still work for anyone else?

Not working for me : (

Why would they remove CSS that allowed customization?

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Hi everyone! Have a look at 2.3.1 here: Introduction to Asana bookmarklets

as bookmarklets seem to be disabled ;-(
does anyone have another workaround to adjust the sidebar size?

Thx in advance!

Using the Chrome Extension “User CSS” (User CSS - Chrome Web Store), you can use this CSS to expand the sidebar.

.SidebarHeader {width:400px!important;}
#asana_sidebar {width:400px!important;}

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(Btw, @Forum-team , perhaps we can merge these two topics?)

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Thank you Chris! Here’s the CSS that will expand and hide the sidebar if you are accustomed to using the burger icon. Thanks again.

.SidebarHeader {width:400px!important;}
#asana_sidebar {width:400px!important;}

.SidebarResizableContainer–hidden {margin-left: -400px; transition: margin-left 250ms ease-out;}

on MAC with Asana App installed that is the fix to expand the sidebar?

My team would love this feature. Clicking and dragging the side bar doesn’t seem to change the width either in the browser app or desktop app. Has this new interface been fully released yet?

Hi @Brandon_Claycomb , I don’t work for Asana and since they don’t make their roadmap public, the launch of the new redesign is unknown, so we all have to sit tight! Shouldn’t be much longer…

You can also follow the original post with the announcement by @Marie to know when it will be released:

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Thanks much, Richard. I wasn’t sure what Partner meant. I appreciate your response.


Hello Richard, I am using the latest version of Chrome on macOS Monterey 12.6.2 - and the sidebar is not expandable. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!

Hi @AndreaK ! Are you sure you are using the new redesigned layout that is currently being tested?

Have you opted in to try it out? If not, then you are using the current layout which does NOT support resizing the sidebar.

Hi Richard! Thank you for your reply. I do not know where to opt it in - where can this be done?

If you check out the link I included to @Marie 's original post 🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign, there is a link to fill out the opt-in form.

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ah, cheers!

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Any luck with this, it shouldn’t be that hard :slight_smile: