🎥 Best ways to deal with an employee on PTO in Asana

One person is missing, and the whole world seems empty

This is how we felt when our assistant decided to take 2 weeks off.

Of course, we didn’t let ourselves get down, and we continued to work (:joy:)

We set up a lot of little actions to manage her work for her, while waiting patiently for her to come back.

I explain how to manage the absence of one of your collaborators in Asana in this video.

And you, what actions have you put in place in your Asana to manage this situation?

(No, sequestering your collaborators to avoid them going on vacation is not a good idea)


Really good tips I didn’t think of before :clap:t3::clap:t3:

We have a PTO / Time-off template that everyone on our team uses when they are going OOO for longer than a day or 2. The subtasks are broken into 2 sections: what to do before PTO and what to do when you return. It includes other non-Asana tasks, e.g. Set email auto-responder,



Is that a PROJECT or TASK template?

We currently use a Word Guide that includes:

  1. How to Request PTO
  2. How to hold a task hand off meeting (and a return meeting) with your manager
  3. Setting Outlook OOO
  4. Setting Asana OOO (based off the video from @Bastien_Siebman above)
  5. Setting Slack OOO