Tips to manage your OOO in Asana

Hello Asana Community :wave:

Sally here from the customer success team, based in Paris! Today is Dec 22nd and holidays are just around the corner. So here are my two tips to manage your OOO in Asana.

I wish you a happy holiday and look forward to your questions and feedback in the comment section :slight_smile:


Great tips, @Sally_Hamdan!

FYI another option, which can be used in conjunction with the Team Vacations project, is to add automation when a task is assigned during someone’s time off, via the Task falls during a holiday or time off rule trigger in our Flowsana integration.


This is so helpful and a greta explanation and demo of the new rule builder. Thank you for sharing!

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great tip!

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Thank you

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It is always good to spelled out acronyms at least once :slightly_smiling_face:

  • OOO = Out Of Office
  • PTO = Paid time off from work