Best way to manage different types of member access

Hi guys, I’m a little confused how best to approach temporary members and their access rights with organisations… Here is a breakdown of my team and our needs:

  • There are 5 of us (the core team) that should have full access across ALL projects.

  • There are other members (the immediate team) that help us on SOME projects. They should have full access to these specific projects.

  • There are other members (external guests) that may be brought on just so they can monitor the progress of SOME projects. They should have the same access to specific projects as some of the immediate team but only be able to view/comment not actually create/edit tasks.

Hopefully, this breakdown makes sense. Currently, all of the members described above are part of the same team. Should there be 3 separate teams created? For the core, immediate and external members and then invited to specific projects? Really not sure how to approach it.

Currently only using the free plan.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Conor_Galvin!

If you add members to a Team (immediate team or Guests), they will automatically have access to all public projects within this Team. If you’d rather have them in specific projects, you should remove them from the Team and add them to their relevant projects. This way, they will only see what you added them to and will be considered as Team Guest (as opposed a Team Members).

I’m not sure about creating a team for each bucket of users since you won’t be able to multi-home one project in multiple teams. If your colleagues have to collaborate on one single project, it will make things very hard to manage

Also, it’s possible to set user permissions (Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide) at the project level, so I would recommend to add your Guests to all projects they should have access to, and to adjust their permissions via the project itself! Note that this is a Premium feature though, if you’re using the free version of Asana it won’t be available, and unfortunately I don’t think there is a good workaround for free users!

Hope this helps to clear things up, but let me know if you have any follow-up question!


Hi @Marie,

Thank you. Adding individuals through the project itself seems to be the best way to handle the situation!

I think you’re right, however, while on the free plan and not able to utilise the ‘Comment Only Access’ I think my options are quite limited…

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