Teams - Option to restrict few users only to specific projects

Hi Team,

How do we remove certain users from our Asana Team and keep them to access to specific projects only.

Scenario : While inviting the user below checkbox was incorrectly checked, now the user has access to all public projects.


In Edit team section I can only see an option to remove totally from the team ( which is not the intended result)


Expected Scenario : I want some users to have access to only specific projects which they are part of only.

  • Gowri Shankar

Hello @Gowri_Shankar_RJ
I would suggest adding the person on project level and then remove them on team level. This should keep their access to the chosen projects but remove them from all other projects in the team.

Hope this helps.

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@Paul_Grobler thanks for the quick reply, but when i tried to remove a user from the team as the second screenshot shows, it gives only one option to remove from all projects.

You are indeed correct. I tested it on my side and when removing them from the team they are also removed from the project. Would it work to remove them from the team and then add them to the project?

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! :slight_smile: You can currently restrict to which projects some team members have access by setting them as Private. Team members will be able to see only public teams. Another option is to set the team as private and invite them only to the projects they need to have access: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana

How can I change a user to private ?

@Paul_Grobler - This will be a significant exercise to remove and add them again.

All that i am looking is for is to remove them from the Team and move them as project specific access.

This is already possible when the invite is sent.

You will only be able to set a project as private. This means members in the team will only see projects they are added to or projects that are listed as public to the team.

This will not work for our scenario.

Our Team is around 40 people and our expectation is that they have access to all projects ( making them private would mean adding these 40 members one by one )

There are some 4-5 users who were added to the team by mistake and all that i am looking forward is to remove them from the team while ensuring they are not removed from the projects they are already a member of