Best Tip for Freelancers Submitting Invoice

I have several writers who are members on my Asana project. Once a task is done, they message me their invoice but of course this gets lost in the business of messages.

Is there a solution that someone can recommend for best practice? I don’t want the writers to be able to view each other’s invoices. One solution I can think of is creating a workspace project for each member that is private to that person and they can upload there, but that is too cumbersome, I think.


Thank you!

Welcome, @Wayne_Peters,

You could create one Freelancers project with only yourself as Owner/Member (don’t make any freelancers project members). Also, it should be a private project, or in a private team.

Create one task “ Invoices” and assign to each freelancer. In the description of all of these write “Create a new subtask for new invoice, add Due date, and assign to Wayne”

You will have everything from all of them in one project for easy access for you (and you could even create an Invoices section and other sections too for other purposes with them). None of them will be able to see any tasks except the ones they are assigned to (or Collaborators of; but don’t make them Collaborators of each others’ work, of course!).

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Larry.

I should note that each Freelancer on my team is a member seat that I pay for, not collaborators. Would they still not see each other’s tasks? I suppose not because they are not members of the project, correct?


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Yes, it will still work regardless of whether they’re Members (as in your case) or Guests. (Note that Collaborators is something different; that means, essentially, followers of a task.)

I edited my reply to include what I had forgotten to mention: “Also, it [the project] should be a private project, or in a private team.”