Best Methods for Using Complete Kanban



We currently use Kanban to resolve daily issues/tickets/projects.

We have a Queue, To Do, In Progress and Complete. Our Complete list is filling up and becoming very long. Is there a way to auto-archive tasks after a certain period of time? We would like to keep reusing the same project so we need a better method for archiving completed tasks.

We also tried to filter out completed tasks but that doesn’t quite solve our issue. Any suggestions from others that use a similar work flow would be helpful.



Hi @David_Washburn!

Are you using boards view or list view? And what do you mean by filter out completed tasks?

If you’re using list view I recommend that you simply check off the completed tasks and view your project by incomplete tasks only.

I face a similar challenge in my planning project. I use the same Community planning project each episode (an Asana measurement of time, about 6 months), but that means my completed tasks pile up. I just view my project by incomplete tasks and thus my completed tasks are hidden away.

You could also get creative with an advanced search of some kind.

You might also get some suggestions in this blog post about boards

Does this help? Let me know if you have follow up questions.


Hi @Alexis, is it possible to check off tasks in project view as well without having to open the task?


@David_Washburn this doesn’t answer your question, but you might like this video I made on “summary” projects where I share my own Kanban set up:



I had the same problem, so I made an internal tool that could do the trick for us.
It archives all cards in a specified column and moves it to another project.
For that I have a normal list based project called Archive. This way the weekly kanban board stays quick and performant, while old tickets are searchable.

The designer bailed the project, so it is VERY UGLY. But it worked last time I checked. Feel free to pull-request any changes you might have


I would also love to have this feature!