Batch add subtasks to project?


I’m new to using Asana, and I just learned that subtasks aren’t automatically part of the project that their parent tasks are a part of. I think this is insanely counterintuitive, but that’s a topic for another discussion, and I’ve seen that thread, voted for the feature request, etc.

For now, I have a project with 381 subtasks, and I just learned that unless I add them all to the project (the project that they’re already in, but I digress), they won’t show up on the project timeline. Is there a way to do this via some batch process or integration, rather than having to do it manually?


I think you can use an advanced search to show all subtasks within the projet, and them batch edit them (select them all and add to project).


Great answer, @Bastien_Siebman - I was trying to think of how to solve Brendon’s problem and forgot about Advanced Search! (It does require a paid Asana subscription, though.)

@Brendon_Troy, this search criteria allowed me to get a list of all of the subtasks in this project; then I could multi-select them and from the task Option menu select “Add to Project…”:

Note that to get the Subtask: selection to appear, you have to choose Add Filter > More > Subtask…


Thanks @Phil_Seeman. I always forget: what do Free user have in terms of search?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

Free users have access to “Basic Search”; more info in this article: :slight_smile: