Avoid autoresponder emails to comment section

The summer season is starting and people go on vacation. That’s good. But one thing is not good: People user autoresponders to send out of office emails and these turn up in large numbers as task comments.

It works this way, I assume: Someone gets an email (as “to email” from Asana) and the autoresponder sends the reply. Asana is clever and thinks this is a sensible comment to the task.

After the summer season many tasks are cluttered with these (often very long) nonsense comments. I wonder if there is any way to stop this from happening. I assume not since the logic behind this behavior is clear. At this time I have only one solution: Make a list of autoresponder comments and ask people to delete these one by one after their return.

I would greatly appreciated any idea!

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Hey! Another solution might be to exclude the email address you’re using (“to email”) from receiving autoresponses in the first place. I know many email providers and also software like Outlook offer this feature. Maybe that could work. I am not sure, if it easier for you to simply get everyone to take the Asana email address out of their autoreplies, or to just clean up after. :smiley:
Good luck!

Thanks for this great idea, Tom!

We use Novell GroupWise - I hop I can find a way to exclude the Asana-adresses from the autoresponder.

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