Automation for forms with new clients with/without zapier help!

Hi folks, I am new here and trying to get my head around the potention using automated rules on completed forms/google forms with or without zapier and my head is fried trying to achieve the following. If it isn’t possible that is fine and I can use separate projects for each form but i was trying to avoid this (branching forms aren’t long enough at 150 questions - don’t ask).

  • We have a new client
  • Multiple SEPARATE forms/google form must be completed for each new client
  • Forms then moved to the client project ideally as a task or subtask (including the data of the form). If it is possible to set up a rule in asana/zapier to move a completed form to a specific task/section based on a variable such as “client name” that would be amazing but I don’t think it is possible.

The issue I have with google forms and zapier is that I don’t ge the actual content of the form filled in Asana, just a task notifying that a new form has been filled.

Thanks if anyone can help.

Hi @Charlie_Arc, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

You can certainly achieve this using Asana Forms and Rules. You can create a drop-down custom field for the client name, add the custom field as a question in your form so it’s mapped in your project and then create a rule in your project: When the custom field “Client” is updated to a specific option > Move to a specific section or you could even multi-home the tasks in another project.

cc @Phil_Seeman in case you have any recommendations here as well with Forms, Rules or Flowsana! :slight_smile: Thank you!

I think you nailed it, @Emily_Roman. @Charlie_Arc, I would do it just as Emily suggests:

  • Do it all within Asana (no Zapier or Google Forms)
  • Set up multiple projects (let’s call them “form projects”) to house the multiple necessary Asana Forms, and include the “Client” custom field in each one as Emily suggests
  • Create a “master project”
  • Set up a rule in each of the “form projects” that when a new task is added, also add it to the “master project” (in Asana-speak, this is called “multi-homing” the task)
  • Set up a set of rules in the “master project” to move tasks to the appropriate client section based on the value if the “client” field

The only ways in which my Flowsana integration might help you out here are:

  • If you are on Asana Premium and thus don’t have access to build all of the custom rules you would need (Flowsana lets you build its rules regardless of Asana subscription level)
  • If would would need the “Client” field to be a text field rather than a dropdown list (Flowsana’s rules can act on text custom fields, Asana’s rules only on dropdown lists)
  • If you would need more than 20 rules in the “master project” to move tasks to the appropriate section (Asana has a limit of 20 rules per project, Flowsana does not)

A downside to this is having to have the user go to another website to complete the form. I wish Asana would consider allowing at least an Iframe with forms or another way to integrate forms into a website.

Hey @Taylor_Pyles - if you haven’t yet voted for that enhancement, you can add your vote for it here:

Thank you very much for you help! Same to Phil. Really appreciated.

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@Phil_Seeman @Emily_Roman

Right so I thought I had it and I have fallen at the last hurdle in setting this up.

I have created a custom field in three projects that each house a form. There are three choices in the drop down for the custom field and I have added that to my form.

Next I created the rule to multi home them all to a “Master Project”. Up to this point it has all gone splendidly.

Trying to set up a functioning rule that then moves the form based on the value of the client field seems to not work as intended.

The only trigger I can set is the Field Updated Rule - > Client Name changed. Client Name is the label of the custom field and “changed” seems to be the modifier. So i set up three rules - one of each of the different client names I have chosen for the Custom Field - where the trigger is “client name changed” and the action is “move to project/section”.

But it doesnt seem to activate when a form arrives in the Master Project. Is there a trigger or action I am missing based on the value of the custom field rather than whether the custom field is changed?

Oh shoot, I think you’re right, it won’t work because Asana rules don’t operate on the results of other rules. (You can read more about that and vote to change that behavior here FYI.) My apologies, I totally forgot about that when making my suggestion.

I truly didn’t intend to lead you on toward Flowsana, but it will solve this problem - Flowsana rules can work based on the result of other rules, so if you set up those 3 rules in Flowsana, it will move the tasks to the appropriate section.

Again, sorry for that oversight!