Automation for adding projects to Portfolio

This would be so helpful. Rules at portfolio-level, but also at team-level. We automatically create Asana projects through external apps, which I would really like to automate further with rules that apply to new projects.


We are really in need of a way to view projects in a more customizable way. Especially since you can add custom fields at the project level, not being able to automatically view all projects with the same value in that custom field makes them nearly useless in our use cases.


This thread is about automation in portfolios, but your post is about projects. Considering your post’s request on its own, you actually can do what you’re asking. Click the search box, Advanced search, Add field > Custom field > choose your field (Deal stage in the example below), set the values you’re looking for, search, then in the results, click the Projects tab. Much of this is shown in the single screenshot below:



Any update on when this functionality will become available? I am also seeking a way to auto-add (rule driven) projects to a Portfolio.