Automation for adding projects to Portfolio

I’m just here to bump this since this would greatly simplify using Asana as a manager and drive the overall adoption of the product within larger companies!

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Hey there! I’ve just found myself in need of this automation as well: To use a project template that when the new project is created will automatically add to a specific portfolio. I’d love to be kept in the loop on this new feature. Thank you!


Really hoping to get some progress on this topic. I’ve loved ASANA for so long, but CLICKUP is eating your lunch from a features perspective and some of the missing features are holding back our company’s productivity.


Bump on this, sorely needed.

Agreed much needed! Very difficult to manage multiple teams with multiple tasks and multiple subtasks! Also would be great to see tasks within projects in the portfolio list view so they can be quickly checked off. I used to use one large project (vs a portfolio) per team with a LOT of nestled subtasks but they’re not as easy to view without clicking in.

This would be incredibly useful for us too! We need the ability to assign a project to a portfolio upon creation of that project using a template. So, the following two functions are greatly needed:

  1. Portfolio selection function when creating new project - When creating a new project (from a template or blank) use “Add to portfolio/s” function when setting the metadata for that project, so placement occurs at the creation stage rather than the two step process of allocating it to a portfolio/s after creation.

  2. Automation function for templates - so that for example all ‘Comms Plan’ template projects are automatically added to the ‘Comms Plan’ portfolio.

Hopefully this happens very soon as it would significantly enhance our capacity (as we’re creating 60-90+ of these types of projects monthly-quarterly atm).

Very necessary.

We are potentially kicking off 50+ projects a month across multiple Teams into templates and majority are auto-created from Salesforce>Asana integration, so we definitely have gap when trying to link to Portfolio(s) manually at later time. Being able to create rule (or multiple rules in many cases) inside a template to link a created project to a Portfolio would be ultra-efficient for us.

Related topic probably for another thread…Fields added to a List view of Portfolio are mostly manual entry and not pulling from the metadata or another area of a specific project. Again, way too much manual work involved to setup a comprehensive List view in a Portfolio, which we find to be best location for quick-view tracking in meetings or stand-ups.


I full concur about the need for creating rules to automatically add projects to portfolios

I am shocked this wasn’t implemented yet…

As the COO of a company how on earth can I dynamically track all projects? Also as admin I should see all projects even if it’s not shared directly with me (private ones)…

But at least the dynamic bases on teams… Is a must.

Please please please can this be a thing? It would make a huge difference to our team, our processes, and how we use Asana!

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Definitely need this feature as well.

This is essential for cross-team collaboration. Without this, it doesn’t make sense to use Portfolios.

Instead we need to use the Project object as the Dashboard or Portfolio, tasks as projects, and subtasks as tasks.


Just adding to say this would be an awesome addition, if implemented! :slight_smile:

Also bumping this request. This would be HUGELY helpful in monitoring productivity based on team.

Hi Everyone:

With v2 of the Project Templates this is possible, but only if your projects were created through that template. When you get to the final page of creating your project template, scroll to the bottom and you will see the option to add all projects to any portfolio(s) you desire.

This may not solve everyone’s issue, but it is a useful add for sure.

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Anybody know if you can add the template itself to a portfolio? I used to house my similar templates in specific portfolios which made them much easier to find specific ones. This is now more difficult since it doesn’t appear that you can rearrange or re-order them in your team page. (I may have asked this question in another thread as well. If so I apologize, I often have lapses in memory.)

No, the new Templates 2.0 can’t be put into a portfolio.

(@Bastien_Siebman , maybe this is another PT 2.0 shortcoming for your running list, unless it’s already on there.)

What’s the use case for adding a template to a portfolio? :thinking:

Done, #20 Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

For instance if I have 35 templates in one team, I group like with like. Admin templates together, Construction project templates together, Request templates together etc. OR if 3 of those templates only affect the projects in one portfolio, it makes sense to group those templates with those projects. This was especially helpful since templates, like projects, could live in multiple portfolios. Either way I wouldn’t have to scroll and search through all the templates in my team home page every time. (Especially since you cannot rearrange or reorder the templates in the home page, and you can’t change the color to quickly identify like templates.)

One might suggest creating a different team for each of these functions, and while that does make sense, some templates need to be accessed by users who aren’t part of those teams. As it stands now since a template can only live in one team I would have to add the users to every team, or create a team just for templates that includes everyone who needs access to any/all of them (which is basically what we’re working with now.) This just seems like additional effort, clutter and superfluous teams, and returns us to the original problem of having to search through 35 templates.

It was just much easier to find a particular template when I could group them together in a more logical manner.

Any update?

No update on this topic @Nathan_YoMedia . We custom code this for our clients in the mean time.