Automation: All tasks under a portfolio to automatically be added to a backlog project

Hello all,

I’m a PM new to the Asana tool.
In the past, I was able to create a custom view for any need I had.
One important use case that I’m not finding a “Rule” to cover is:
Automatically add a Story at the time of creation under any project (in this case Subtask as “tasks” are being used as the feature level) to also be added to a master backlog view.

This is crucial as our team works simultaneously on stories from multiple projects (Projects are capturing the Epic level).

Managing prioritization across stories in multiple projects (Epics) if all in their own backlog is impossible.

I appreciate the insight!


Hello @anon89585868 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Just to ensure I understand correctly: for all tasks that are added a subtask should be added and this tasks also needs to be added to a separate project too?

If so there is a rule to add subtasks Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Now for rules to apply on subtasks that is not possible yet, I recommend upvoting here: Allow Rules for Subtasks

Alternatively have a look at Phil‘s post as you should be able to achieve this in Flowsana: Allow Rules for Subtasks - #78 by Phil_Seeman

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Hi @anon89585868,

It sounds like you aren’t needing the subtasks added automatically - I think you’re adding those yourself, is that right? - but what you’re wanting is when such a subtask does get added, you want it automatically added to a “Master Backlog” project.

As @Andrea_Mayer said, this isn’t possible with Asana but can be done with our Flowsana integration. What you would do is, in each Epic project, create the rule “If a task is newly created, add it to the Master Backlog project”, and (this is the key) be sure to set “Apply this workflow to” to the “Subtasks” option. That way, any new subtasks you add to that project will get added to the Master Backlog, but any top-level task (i.e. Feature) you add will not get added to the Master Backlog project.

I think this is what you’re wanting, but let us know if not.

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