Automatically assign task to team member based on form answers


I work in a marketing team where each member has a business area they are responsible for.

We want to create standardized forms in the Asana workflow where people in the organization can send their requests for marketing related activities. To avoid a crowded Asana board however, we would like to create a flow where, based on the business area answer in the form, the request is sent to the team member who is responsible for the business area.

For example: An employee wants a webinar for Business Area A.

The employee fills in standardized webinar form and answers “Business Area A” in the form
This triggers the workflow and new tasks are created for the marketing person responsible for business area A.

Marketing person gets notified of this and receives the task in his/her board.

So my question is this: Is it possible to build a workflow that assigns a task to a specific person based on the answers in a form?

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We do this for our Operations Team tickets. We do things based on Office Location. So we make sure that the question asking for the Office Location in the form is linked to the Office Custom field in our project. Then we create a rule that says “If Custom field is Office A → Assign to Coordinator of Office A” etc for the various offices.

Additionally, since we have one board of ALL types of requests, we automatically multihome the task based on the request type. So, for instance, if someone selects that they need a reimbursement in the form it goes into our main Operations Tickets project but also multihomes into the Reimbursement project, so we don’t have to spend time sorting the original board.


Asana forms in general have so much potential, I hope they pair them with more robust workflow options soon.

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Hi Kasey,

Thanks for the reply! That sounds great.

How do I create that rule?

Many thanks!

Here is the guide entry on how to actually create a rule: Rules • Asana Product Guide

For this particular rule:

  1. Set your trigger as the custom field you’ve created that links to your form
    - You can do that by going to the “Task Updated” section in the Triggers and finding your
    specific custom field.
    - Then choose the instance you want.

  2. Set your Action in the rule by going to the “Update Task” section and choosing the assignee and then setting it to the appropriate person.

You’ll likely have to create a few of these rules for each instance if they are assigned to various people.

You can cut down on rules if one person takes on a few instances. For my office location example: I set a rule for when someone chooses our DC office it is assigned to one of my team members, but if they choose NC or CA then it’s assigned to me. You can do this by:

  1. click on the little + in the arrow of the trigger and create two instances for your custom field.

  2. Then at the top of the rule, you’ll see a drop-down pop up and I would change it to “When either of these triggers happen” to tell it one or the other has to happen, not both.

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