Automatically assign a job number

We are looking for an integration that allows our sections in a project and tasks to be automatically assigned a unique job number. Any options there?

You could plug something in with Ultradox.

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Hi @Madicyn_Maines

Welcome to the community apart from @lilrkt suggestion Flowsana might be what you are looking for… Here is the FAQ on the feature

@Phil_Seeman is the developer of this tool…

Hope this helps…


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Thanks, @Jason_Woods! Yes, @Madicyn_Maines, you can accomplish the “and tasks” part of this with a Flowsana rule (there’s not a rule to auto-number sections, but there is the ability to add an auto-number to tasks).

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This is a highly requested feature, and I believe @Rebecca_McGrath will be able to merge your thread with the existing one about unique IDs on tasks.

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