Assign a job number to a task

Asana has 95% of what we want that I can tell. the one roadblock is being able to assign a job number to a task. And not ALL tasks - just the ones that are production focused (marketing agency). When we print materials, we include a job number so that it is easy to refer back to. Any apps or hacks for this?

Hi @Amanda_Horne2

You cannot add this to a custom field? (cc @Phil_Seeman)


Thanks, @lpb.

Yes, @Amanda_Horne2, you can do this with the rules our Flowsana integration. See:
Creating Unique Task Short IDs and Short Links

Most commonly you would add an ID on a task from a rule trigger condition of “New task is created”. However, this would create them for all tasks in the project, which you say you don’t want. So instead, you could trigger the rule based on adding some tag or setting some custom field to a particular value, which in ether case would be the way to signify “this task should get a job ID assigned to it”.


This is great! Is there a way to “tell” the system what number to start with?

Not from your end, but if you email support at flowsana dot net with your desired starting number, I can set it for you.

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