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I use Asana to track all my outstanding TODOs, and track multiple projects , 1:1s, Meetings Etc. However i want to be able to manage my own schedule based on what tasks i have and what are the deadlines i previously committed. I can add Add the projects to the portfolio myself 1 by 1, but thats just too many. I want to be able to get a default portfolio with all the tasks i have. This will help me commit on a specific timeline on what i can get a task done , and also help me plan my day better.

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@Sasanka, I’m not sure if you’re aware that Portfolios track Projects, not Tasks. The Asana feature you would want to use based on your description would be My Tasks (and Inbox), I believe, and there are many strategies for that (some in other threads in this forum).

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Thank You very much for the super fast reply. Agree Portfolio is for Projects. Could you point me examples how i can track my tasks across all the projects , so i dont overcommit? I believe creating a portfolio of all the projects i’m part of by default would help me (with a filter assigned me) would clearly show me if there is something on my name that there is no way i can complete by that time.

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If you are the assignee, then the task will appear in your My Tasks regardless of the project it’s in (or even no project).

Learn about My Tasks here:

You can enter “My Tasks” in the Asana search bar and choose “Search the Asana Guide for My Tasks” from the dropdown that appears.

For more advanced strategies for My Tasks, see

and the many other posts there.