Automated Subtask names from Template

Need the ability to automatically replace subtask names when the Task name is changed from the Template name to the job name

eg. Template is made for project in my admin team, the quote subtask is is automatically shared to the client team, but just appears as “Quote” and the Task it’s drawn from is hidden from them because my clients don’t have access to the parent task.

Simple solution is just that anything in the template written like ““TEMPLATE”” is bound together.

So that; ““TEMPLATE” Installation,” and ““TEMPLATE” Quote” change together when the ““TEMPLATE”” part is changed. It could even be multilayered, so you could have "“TEMPLATE #2” bound to other "“TEMPLATE #2” instances within the task.

Hello @Oliver_Beck,

is this what you are looking for?

Flowsana also offers the ability to create rules to amend the task name: Rules to Rename Tasks - #16 by Phil_Seeman

Also IDO offers a tool that works for tasks and section names.