Automate create, delete, complete tasks between two projects

I’d like to know if it’s possible to run such a set up. Basically I’d like to have two almost identical projects. One for the internal team members, and one shared with the client. When a task is created, deleted, or completed in the internal project, it would automatically be updated accordingly in the shared project, and vice versa.

Also, it is very important for me that the team members/assignees in the Internal project and shared project have no access to each other, e.g. cannot see who’s the assignee on the task in the shared project (should be visible only in the internal project) or be able to view each other’s comments, etc.

I’d like appreciate the help on this one.


Hello @Mark_Raouf welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

There has been a similar discussion yesterday, have a look here Sharing customized Asana Project Externally - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Multihoming tasks can work here (Hosting the task in various projects).
But keep in mind that if a task is added to your “shared project” also means the same comments, notes, assignees show there.

So depending on what you need you might want to create separate tasks for this purpose or subtasks which are added to the other project.
But yeah you have to be careful and ensure your team then does not post anything there that should not be seen by the external party.

And here is a post, related to how much access to give clients, that you might be interested in: :vertical_traffic_light: Dealing with external clients - How much access should they have?

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Hello Andrea, thank you for your response!
I did try multihoming the tasks, and noticed that comments, and assignees were visible in both projects, I couldn’t figure out how to hide those, am I doing something wrong or Is there no way to work around that?

I’d appreciate your insight, thank you in advance!

Hello @Mark_Raouf,

I am sorry I might not have been clear enough with my message above.
Multihoming won‘t allow you to make comments and other things private in one project unfortunately.

So if you do not want them to see those at all then you will probably have to set up separate tasks or milestones maybe that can be updated for them regularly.
Depending on how much insight they really need.

Thank you!
I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Best wishes.

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