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I have a question please, I’m just wondering if there is an option to do the following:

I want to assign a task to a big project (that includes many tasks). however, I want the task owner to not be able to see the other tasks. So in practice, the task owner will see the project empty and has only his/her task. is that possible?

Hello @Akram_Alhafez
Yes, you have to make this project private - without access for that person with assigned task.

Hi Charlie, thanks for the fast response.

does it work like this, because the project has 100 tasks, I want each task owner to be able to see only his/her own task in the project

If they don’t have access to the main projcet, they see only their tasks (without information about project).

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but I want them to be able to have an overview about the projects but without the other task, is that possible ?

this photo is an example, I want the owner of task one to see the status of the task (assembly, transport, etc) but without seeing the other tasks (tasks 2, 3, 4 etc. )

No, unfortunately this is impossible. If you have access to project, you have access to all tasks. Alternatevely you can try create different projects (each project for each user) and one project with all tasks (visible only for you). You have to use multihoming tasks feature to do this.

I hope it helps

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appreciate your help, thank you

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