Automate client onboarding

I would like to automate the client onboarding and create a new project when they signup.

Right now I have to create a project per client, then manually invite the client to this specific project.

Is there a way to automate the client onboarding?

For example: they signup on my website and (through Zapier?) get access to their own Asana project.

Or: create a project signup url that allows client to create a collaborator account and it will create a new project.

Are you aware of any standard way, or through Zapier or webhook?

Thank you!

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@Bastien_Siebman I think you’ll be able to assist here!

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In Zapier you can definitely create a project from a template, and then through existing actions or a custom action you might be able to invite them on the project automatically.

Another way would be to go through a “cross domain copier” → the client would click a link and it would create the project automatically. This is only available for partners with access to Phoenix accounts. Are you a partner or working with one?

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