Anyway to Automate Oboarding A Client To A Project?

Very familiar with Zapier and Asana. I’ve got a client onboarding form that integrates into Sheets and then sets up a project with Asana. From there Im trying to automate a way to send an email to them and invite them to their project in Asana?

Is this possible at all? In the past I would do it manually obviously but Im wondering if with the email I collect it I can automate the email invite to them? Im trying to take it one step further and attach a video explaining how to use but first I want to see if it’s even possible to skip having to invite manually.


Welcome to the Forum @Darren_Walker and thank you for reaching out! :grinning:

Please have a look at the following guide article: Email templates for Asana onboarding | Product guide • Asana. Would this be helpful?

Thanks Natalia but unfortunately no that won’t help from what I see. I likely will have to manually invite people to specific projects as I can’t find a way to automate an invite from Asana from an email provided in a Google Sheet. Ill keep looking but this looks like it’s something not possible from what I see which is unfortunate.