Auto shifting dates based on duration

Can Asana please add the ability to add in durations that automatically calculate due date based on duration + start date. Along with this all the dependency dates should automatically shift based on their blocked by. This should be a basic function. It takes me 3 times as long now go and manually do all of this and it isn’t feasible to pay for a third-party software.

In the end if I put my very first task of the project should take 2 weeks start 10/31/22 then asana should calculate a due date of 11/14/22. Any items that are blocked by the completion of task one should update their dates based on this. If my first task has a delay and I change it to 3 weeks then the whole project should update. I really like Asana I just need this feature implemented.

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Hi @John_Petty1,

I merged your post with an existing one for this request in the #forum-en:product-feedback forum section; the advantage of that section is that people can add their votes for a particular request, so you can add yours!