Auto promote in My task not promoting tasks with due date in the past


Hi, I have multiple tasks in My task that I move to Later and Upcoming, but there seems to be an issue with tasks that have a due date in the past (dates in red). They are not promoted to the Today section and they stay in the other section forever. I tried to recreate the issue a second time by moving all my taks to Later and found out that the red due dates stayed there.


Auto-promotion is moving a task due Today to the Today’s section. So a task due yesterday won’t move to Today :slight_smile:


If you push it to Later after the due date, then the task is “lost”…


Yes, I’ve had the same issue…


That defeat the purpose of the Auto promote feature. If you make one mistake then you might forget a task forever. I would prefer having that late task pop out in My Tasks everyday until I do something with it (complete it, change the due date, …).


If you don’t want to lose the fact it is past due and the date it was past due on, and you want it to continue to auto promote to Today you could -

  • change the Task name to start with PAST DUE - 11/25/18…
  • change Due Date to the new date of when you want the Task promoted to Today
  • move the Task to Upcoming


You could create a new Section under Today for past due Tasks you want to put aside for later.


The point is to show an issue with the auto promote in the situation where you move a task that is due date is before the actual date to another section (Later, Upcoming). Then there is no visibility on these tasks unless you check those Later and Upcoming in detail.

For some users/project that could become a real issue.


Sorry, I don’t understand the scenario you are concerned about.

If the Task is newly assigned to you and past due it will show up in the New Tasks section of My Tasks. If it is assigned to you and you let it go past due and then move it out of Today, then that’s how you’ve decided to configure your My Tasks list and Asana has done exactly as you’ve asked.
If you want Asana to promote all past due Tasks to Today, that you intentionally moved out of Today, then you are asking Asana to consistently undo what you’ve done.

Or perhaps you are looking for a Snooze feature that has been suggested by others?


I am mostly concern by our users that are not so familiar with the product, as for myself I am able to check those past due date tasks and move then back in the Today. But other user could move tasks to Upcoming, expecting the auto promote will move them back when it is the right time and then forget to check if there are lost task that are not moving back.


OK. Understood. I think there would be users that prefer/expect it to work the way you suggest, and there would be others that find it bothersome. I think the snooze feature suggestion I mentioned is preferable because each user can then decide what Tasks they want moved out of Today and for how long.

For now, I would suggest that the best way to try to get everyone in your organization aware of how Asana behaves is with documented organizational guidelines on how Asana works and how your organization uses it.


Thank you