"Auto-fill field value" available in the Rules

Dear Asana AI Product Team :wave:

I’m a big fan of the AI option “Auto-fill field value” (part of the Smart Field AI feature).
(well described by @Richard_Sather here)

Overall, I think the potential is huge, to transform Semantic information (text) into Structured data (fields)

BUT it’s all manual… (selecting the task(s), left click, Auto-fill field values)

=> I would love to make it compatible with companies’ workflows and have it part of the rules, as an action

For example, a rule could be: when the task is created in the project (from a form), the data is automatically filled, based on the task content (with the magic of AI!)

Example of use-cases applied to a ticketing system:

  • Smart Field would analyze the ticket description and define the ticket category
  • or the ticket priority based on Sentiment Analysis
  • or recognize the client based on the collected email address :heart_eyes:
    (without having to ask the client to choose from a list with other clients)

Example for Customer feedback Analysis:

  • Smart Field would analyze the feedback and fill multiple Custom Fields about the product features mentioned, customer issues, and suggestions…

Example for HR forms (kind of “Resume Parsing”):

  • [Visionary] Smart Field would read candidate’s text and categorize the data; or even would rate candidates based on certain criteria (experience, skills…)

… and probably dozens of other smart use-cases
(if you have more ideas, feel free to share them as reply and I will add them to the list)

Ultimately, I think that would allow simpler and more intelligent forms; as well as new opportunities to automate the ticketing workflows.

… well, it is actually already available, but manual :grin:

Let’s embrace Asana intelligence :rocket::rocket:


Great idea and use cases, @Arthur_BEGOU! (I voted.)

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Yes, nice idea, @Arthur_BEGOU!

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Added my vote

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