"Attach From Computer" fails with Firefox derivitives?



Can anyone replicate this problem?

When using a Firebox derived browser like Palemoon 27 or Frontmotion ESR 45.5, the “Attach From Computer” function from a Tasks’s paperclip button does not work. No dialog box opens to choose a file.

Other functions in the button do work, like “Attach From Google Drive”, and dragging and dropping a file to the task also still works.

Latest Firefox and other browsers like IE and Chrome also work from the same PCs, but these two browsers do not.

I’ve noticed no other issues with the browser, but admit I’ve never tried it before now so don’t know if it ever worked or broke recently.


Thanks for reporting this! Curious to see if others have this issue.


I tested both browsers at both my home and work locations today, both are now working as expected. Seems a little co-incidental to me :wink: