Assignment to Task owner in the rules

Hi All,

Current rules allows defaulting a task only to a particular person but is there any option to assign to the task owner himself ?

Rationale : Whenever a task is created and if there is any missing or mandatory fields in the particular task, then either the task should not allowed to save(which i believe is not possible). As a workaround we can create a new task to the task owner to fill in the details so that he is aware of it.

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ :wave:t3:

My guess is that you’re task owner = person who created the task, am I correct?

Have you considered using Forms for this purpose? With Forms, you can make all your fields required, meaning that the person submitting their request won’t be able to complete the form unless they have filled every required field. This way, all tasks generated from your form will automatically include all information that you need to work!

Hey Marie,

Thanks, that helps for mandatory fields, but how do we default certain fields when the user submits. For example in one of the column i would like to default to a value when the form is submitted. I do not need user to fill that dropdown value

If there are fields you don’t need users to fill up, make sure not to include them in the form and to create them just in your project (like you would normally create a custom field). You could then use Rules, so that every time a task is generated in this project (from someone filling a form), the value of a specific custom field is set to x.

Hope this helps @Gowri_Shankar_RJ :slight_smile:

Great i guess forms + rules should work, let me try that out and confirm you back

May be different topic but can we make a field mandatory upon selection a particular field in a custom column value.

E.g., If the user changes the status column value to “Pending Approval” i want another column called “Pending With” be made mandatory.

@Gowri_Shankar_RJ that’s not possible at the moment I’m afraid! @Phil_Seeman is something we can do with Flowsana?

It’s not something Flowsana currently provides. I’ve thought about it, but without official access to the Asana UI, it would be difficult for a third-party integration to provide in a good way IMO.