Assignee on a Form?

I might be missing something – but how do we add an assignee to the form? I don’t see how to add that when creating a form. I’ve added a form, filled it out and it ends up in the project – THEN I can add an assignee. But I’d like to have it assigned to someone and also a Section when completing the form. Is this possible?

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Alisa Hall

@Alisa_Hall, adding an assignee is a Business plan-level feature of Forms. And it’s not possible to specify a Section within the Project though a Rule could do this (though again, Business only).


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Hi @Alisa_Hall,

FYI you can accomplish both of your goals with my Flowsana integration, as follows:

Flowsana’s Forms Support allows Premium-level Asana subscribers to assign an Asana Form to a user, no Business subscription required. (Also, in addition to the option of always assigning a Form to one particular user, Flowsana lets you optionally specify the assignee in a Form field.)

In term of placing the Form submission into a Section, you can do this via a Flowsana Rule (also available to Premium-level Asana subscribers). You can elect to always put the Form submission in the same section, or you can have it placed into a different section depending on a value which the Form submitter enters into a Form field.

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Great info! Thank you, Phil!