Assignee on a Form?

I might be missing something – but how do we add an assignee to the form? I don’t see how to add that when creating a form. I’ve added a form, filled it out and it ends up in the project – THEN I can add an assignee. But I’d like to have it assigned to someone and also a Section when completing the form. Is this possible?

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Alisa Hall

@Alisa_Hall, adding an assignee is a Business plan-level feature of Forms. And it’s not possible to specify a Section within the Project though a Rule could do this (though again, Business only).


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Hi @Alisa_Hall,

FYI you can accomplish both of your goals with my Flowsana integration, as follows:

Flowsana’s Forms Support allows Premium-level Asana subscribers to assign an Asana Form to a user, no Business subscription required. (Also, in addition to the option of always assigning a Form to one particular user, Flowsana lets you optionally specify the assignee in a Form field.)

In term of placing the Form submission into a Section, you can do this via a Flowsana Rule (also available to Premium-level Asana subscribers). You can elect to always put the Form submission in the same section, or you can have it placed into a different section depending on a value which the Form submitter enters into a Form field.

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Great info! Thank you, Phil!

Hey Larry,

I’m on a business plan, but still can’t add an assignee. The form prompts me to add an email address, but doesn’t allow me to correlate this with the Assignee field. Am I missing something?

@Emma_Rose_Burton, See Customize a form and in particular #2 “Designate a default assignee for each Form submission.”


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You can create a custom rule that states if a custom question is answered a certain way the task is auto assigned to a specific person. We use this for when a project request come in via the form and populates as a task on the board. Depending on the department the submitter picks (a question/custom field/drop down question) the project is auto assigned to the project manager who oversees that department.


You need to have your form and board built out with your Custom question that is going to trigger the assignment linked to your board. From there in your board establish a Custom Rule - Trigger = Task updated and pic your question that is going to trigger the assignment. From there you will be given choices of the possible answers. You will need to pick each possible answer and the Action = Assignee and then you will pick the correct assignee based on that answer.

Understood! Sorry, deleted my previous post because I caught the issue shortly after posting. I hadn’t linked the form question to the custom field, so it wasn’t appearing as an option in the rule trigger.

Hi Sandy, I’m trying to integrate that rule to a board, from data coming from a form, however I cant manage to achieve it.

Could you kindly elaborate your post? :slight_smile:

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