Assigned tasks not showing up in order


I have built my tasks underneath projects to be completed in a certain order. When I highlight those specific tasks I want done underneath this project and assign it to a teammate, they show up on their My Tasks list in random order. How do I assign these tasks so that they arrive on their App or their email in the correct order?


I think the order in My Tasks is based on the sorting chosen by the user himself. You should consider adding a number at the beginning of the task name maybe?


Hi @Matt_Sullivan; Michael from Asana here.

@Bastien_Siebman is exactly right. The order in which Tasks are seen, unless filtered according to various sort views, will appear in the order in which you set them.

To set your own order to the Tasks (that are not associated with Due Date or Assignee, for example) select None, then click the “Save View For Everyone” option from the lists’ filter button, as seen in the screenshot Bastien shared above.

Hope this helps!