Assign multiple assignees on one task

For allowing the owners to have a high level view of all of the projects in progress, proposed, etc. You could use the portfolios feature. It allows you to clump multiple projects into one place. I’m not sure how the workload option in portfolios works since I haven’t quite managed to fully integrate portfolias with my team yet.

Not sure if this option would help you but it could be something worth looking into.

Is this something that can be viewed as a weekly/monthly calendar? I’m not seeing that option but maybe I haven’t dived deep enough yet? That’s what they really want to see.

It’s been five years, can anyone at Asana give any type of feedback? Or is it just never going to happen?


This would be fine if collaborators could see tasks on their calendars (IE I have to do this work tomorrow because I’m a collaborator / multiple people are working on it). Right now, only the assignee has it in their calendar. I would have to make individual subtasks with additional sets of due dates for everyone else in order for it to show.

I would find it confusing if tasks I don’t have to do are on my calendar. It seems like that should be sacrosanct. If I want to see what other people are doing, wouldn’t I just go into the project and see?

I’m not sure on that one. I know that portfolios have a timeline view but not a calendar. It’s more for big picture of a an entire project as a whole not the individual tasks within a project. If they are needing to have a view of smaller tasks and not just the big picture of a project, you could maybe create a master project that the owners reference. And add any key tasks to that. It’s really easy to add tasks to other projects. Adn it’s still the same task so you don’t need to add multiple places. You could even set up some rules to automatically move what you need to see the owners to see or approve and tag them in comments so they are alerted that something new has been added or needs their attention.

They would be able to see everything that is coming through, you could set it up into section (needing approval, in progress, at risk, etc.) so that they can see it from a list or board view. And then (if due dates are attached to everything) they could look at the calendar view and see everything by the due date.

Not sure if this helps.

When is this feature going to be added?

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The solution to this is PROFOUNDLY easy without changing the Asana ethos of one assignee per task.

Are you ready?

:point_right: Create a custom field that can pull from the list of users in the workspace. Make it work the same as the assignee field – start typing and names will auto-complete.

Go one step further for the folks that want to assign to a team or business unit and all you need to do is create the ability to group members and guests. Once those GROUPS are enabled, create a custom field that pulls from the groups in the Workspace or Team.

This shouldn’t be that hard.

This is obviously VERY important to people. This might be one of the most requested features and it’s super easy to fix. Because the alternative is that the people in this forum and all of the clients I have as as Asana Certified Pro are going to start asking why they shouldn’t switch to Monday or Airtable or something else.


My partner and I have started doing something to solve for this by using what we call “Projectfolios.”

If you have multiple projects that you’d like to roll up into a single view, simply create a rule that multi-homes all tasks into another project into a section with the Project name. By doing this, you’ll be able to look at all projects in flight, organized by project. This works really well in the timeline view.

For instance,

  1. You have 3 projects: Project A, Project B, Project C
  2. Create a project called Project A-C Rollup
  3. Create a rule that would multi-home all tasks added to Project A into a column/section called “Project A” inside of Project A-C Rollup