Assign a task to static text user

I would like to assign Tasks to users as text, without an Asana account. For instance my engineering team using a different system for tracking tasks. I use Asana for larger multi-discipline projects. I want to assign a task to an engineer by name (text only) so I can personally track who is assigned the task without all the automation/notification/etc. built-in.

Instead of requiring an email address or Asana account, is there a way I can assign a text-only name to a Task?

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Hi @tims
No that is not possible. Couple of workarounds.

  1. Use Custom Fields to have a text field with the assignee and the use reports to generate your list.
  2. Use the Gmail feature which allows you add multiple emails address as aliases… eg. would go to my primary email account of Just make sure it is not the same domain or you be adding users to your license.

If you need anymore information let me know and can send screen shots



I just recorded a video on that very same subject! :heart_eyes:

Your use case is one of the use cases I talk in the video. You should create guest accounts for them (but in reality it is you behind the accounts), using one single email address for easier management. The trick is in the video :slight_smile:

@Jason_Woods I am using the “+text” trick, does it really work with dots as well?!

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