Can you assign a task to just a name not an email

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to “assign” a task to just a name so people can see that - my example for this is we’ve got a freelancer doing some work on a job and just to make it clear to the whole team which ones they are doing (without having to add them into Asana) would be helpful for us (especially as the project lead is liaising with them and can see what the freelancers has left outstanding)

Anyone know of any hacks/tips to reflect this?


The easiest way to support this (which is a good approach to use for work assigned to folks not in Asana) is:

Create an email alias for each freelance for this purpose, which most every mail tool allows. Here’s how in gmail, but the same applies for other mail tools:

Then create an Asana login with that email alias. You could do this with or similar to avoid seat charges in Asana.

Hope that helps,