Assigning Tasks by Job Title

I’m setting up Asana for the first time and want to clear something up before get too far with set up and testing. Our team has a fairly standard annual project/workflow that we do every year. The team members however, tend to swap out each year, and they tend to have their own email addresses (i.e. not use a standard organizational email address—e.g. the Waterfront Coordinator won’t always have waterfrontcoordinator@…). Is there anyway I can assign tasks to teammates by job title (e.g. Waterfront Coordinator), rather than by someone’s email address?

Hi Connor,

I believe Asana only allows for users to be @mentioned and assigned tasks based on email addresses and not roles. That said if you add different tags (Waterfront Coordinator) with the role to each of their related tasks then a simple search for "Waterfront Coordinator) will display all of those tasks. You then select all those tasks by highlighting them (left click + hold and drag down or up) and then change the Assignee from the original person to the new person it updates the Assignee in all of those tasks at once. While this does not answer your concern directly it may help to speed things up during change over.

Good luck!


Sorry Coner! Fat fingers equals many mistakes :wink:

Hi @Conor_Lorimer,

You may want to have a look at this thread regarding roles as “permanent” email aliases:

Asana does have a “Role” field each user can assign themselves:

but currently it’s only used to filter in a couple of places really, I believe.

To be able to use the role as the assignee (and collaborator) is, I feel, the most direct way, but as @Justin.Koetsier says, that requires an alias and Asana login.