🕞 Assign a task only when it’s ready

Keep it mind that when you assign a task in #asana, the assignee might be in front of their Inbox or My Tasks and might start working on the task right away! So prepare the task on your own, and when the task is ready, assign it to the right person.

If using the omni button (orange button in top right corner) you might have to assign the task to you first, prepare, and then change the assignee!


Thanks for the tip! Last I checked there wasn’t a way to assign an unblocked task automatically with a rule or template, right?

Our team manages tasks (product launches) with a large number of sub-tasks and different predetermined assignees. We use subtask-level dependencies and rules, and completing a preceding subtask will leave auto-comment on the following (and now unblocked) subtask to say “Your task is now unblocked.” for the assignee on the next subtask.

However, with the current project template process we use, the assignee still is assigned prematurely at parent task creation, and not when the preceding subtask is completed, so the workflow isn’t perfect.

That’s our current workflow. Anyone have anything better they can suggest to only assign a task when it’s ready for work?

@Abraham_Kwan you should teach them to recognise a blocked task (there is an hour glass icon in place of the check icon). When that is the case, they should move this task to their Later section of My Tasks and they should have a rule that says “if task is no longer blocked, move into the Recently Assigned section”. How do you feel about this idea?

That’s a good idea. We have auto-promotion rules based on due date. and our template does auto-assign due dates to all subtasks when a parent task is created. We would just need to add a trigger to ensure we’re only promoting if a due date is coming up AND task is unblocked. Thanks for the suggestion!

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