Confusion when I clone a template with tasks that are auto-assigned to team members


We have setup some great templates with tasks and subtasks that get automatically assigned to team members.

However, many of the subtasks aren’t ready for the team members yet and they are confused when they get the notification from Asana that the task has been assigned to them (when the template is used).

So far we’ve decided to tell them to ignore the notification, and that when the task is really ready for them, their coworker will set a due date and tag them.

Is there a better way to handle this?


Welcome, @Laura_Phillips,

I’m assuming you’re talking about project templates because task templates are protected from this problem–even if the task/subtask is assigned in the task template, it won’t appear in the assignee’s My Tasks until the task template is actually instantiated (becomes a real task).

One approach for project templates is to hold off on assignment of tasks until you are ready; don’t assign them within the template. If you want to keep track, task-by-task, of who should get the assignment eventually, you could temporarily use a tag or custom field for that.

Another, if you want them assigned, is to mark them complete in the template; usually folks are already ignoring (filtering out) completed tasks assigned to them.

And there are other workaround if you search the forum.

Hope that helps.



Hello @Laura_Phillips and welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I’m happy to help you!

First of all, I would recommend to create the template without the assignees on those subtasks you are mentioning. Being that said, you can assign the tasks after you know who is the proper user to work on that activity.

Another thing you might check as well is the notifications in that project. On the top right corner of each project you’ll find a “Share button”. After you click on it, you should select “Members” and then select “Manage notifications” to configure what member should receive notifications anytime there is a status update, message or task added.

Please let me know if this helps.


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