Asana with Intune for iOS

Hi - We are excited to see the Intune integration has arrived.

We have an Intune MAM policy targeting the Asana app (com.asana.Asana), we turned on the setting in the Asana admin console.

I launch the app, I see it says login with Intune to continue, but when I tap Login with Intune in the app, it simply remains on the page and does not progress.

Right now the Asana app is not being managed by MDM (BlackBerry UEM or Intune). Other apps are able to activate the MAM without MDM needing to manage the app, but curious if there is a requirement here. We can do it of course, but wanted to see if there is first something to configure on the Azure/Intune side – does the Asana app need any permissions granted in Azure, Graph, etc?

Hi @Timmahh, thanks for reaching out! You also need to add Asana in the Microsoft Intune admin center. See instructions for iOS in the article below:

If you have already followed that steps and the issue persists, I recommend you to contact our support team as they will be able to give you more details around requirements and additional settings: How to contact our Support Team ✉. When you contact them, feel free to share the URL of this thread so you don’t need to repeat all the information.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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