Introducing new features to provide Enterprise admins with enhanced security and control

Hi there!

I’m excited to share two new features that will help IT leaders and admins deliver a seamless digital employee experience, all while ensuring security and control.

Custom Onboarding

Admins and super admins of Enterprise orgs can now tailor the Asana signup process to help new users in their orgs get started. Admins can simplify the Asana signup process and provide helpful resources. Upon creating their Asana account, new users will be greeted with a branded welcome message, onboarding project, and/or default team. This welcoming experience will help new users make the most of Asana and start collaborating with their colleagues right away.

Intune Integration for iOS

For orgs that use Microsoft’s Intune solution to secure and protect company data across various apps and devices used by employees, we now offer an integration with the Asana iOS app. Super admins of Enterprise orgs will be able to deploy and manage security configurations for the Asana mobile app via the central Intune dashboard. With this integration, enable teams to collaborate on Asana while on the go, all while meeting organizational security requirements and protecting company data. The integration is now available for iOS and will be available for Android later this year.

To learn more, please check out the guide articles for Custom Onboarding and Intune Integration, or reach out to your Customer Success partner.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you!