.MSI for native desktop app

Will there be an MSI for the new Desktop App for windows?
There is only an EXE, and an MSI would help considerably for mass deployment on a corporate level.


Hi @anon79116343, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

This is on our Product teams radar - hopefully this is something they will implement in the near future :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:


Hi has there been any movement on MSI package avilability? I would make sure that binaries are deployed the registry key entries are in HKLM. It would really help to distribute to environments where users’ centralized deployment is used and users do not have admin rights.
Just some feedback you are slowing down your own company growth by making app installation more complicated.


Any update on this please?

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YES!!! This would be very exciting to have for mass company deployment and new hire onboarding.

Provisioning with Azure is there. Nice to have that MSI for Enterprise level deployment. Seems like this has been simmering for a while.

Would be nice if this cemented to something.

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, our organization has purchased Asana and has now implemented it within out organization. I am tasked with our deployments and noticed there is no .msi for mass deployment. I see this has been brought up last year in June. Has there been any movement or resolution on this matter?

I am unable to deploy in Intune with out the MSI. Can you please advise when the MSI will be available? It is long overdue.

Also requesting an MSI for enterprise deployment. The only way to get this software installed is for local user to double click the .exe. Very clunky for Enterprise environment with hundreds of users. Thanks!

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Same here. This is extremely frustrating. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get a MSI installer in the almost two years this has been requested.

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Same. Frustrated Intune users (im)patiently waiting.

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is there an update on this? Doesn’t seem like asana wants mass deployment for their product. It doesn’t take 2yrs to create a .msi file…

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Why Asana does not have (.MSI) file package to deploy via Microsoft Intune as its very difficult to install it manual on each user’s machine.

I want to deploy an Asana Desktop app on Windows laptop via Microsoft Intune, but I am not able to find. MSI package and .exe file does work or support that deployment so how do I do it as We are being customer, we should have option with our plan of licenses.

Seems there is no progress yet on this.

gibt es hier schon eine Lösung? wird hier dran gearbeitet aktiv?

Hi @Manfred_Weber,

Since this post is in the English forum, I auto-translated it to:
“Is there already a solution in place? Is active work being done on this?”

As noted in my other reply, no, there is currently no MSI solution. Asana doesn’t publish a roadmap so we won’t know if any work is being done on it unless something is released.

MSI or silent machine wide exe installer would be very nice.